teacup-on-booksTea blending is one of the most beautiful and blissful things you can have pleasure of pursuing. It is half art, half sensory delight. Nothing quite compares to it and here at Literary Tea Co, we feel incredibly lucky to be able to do it every day. We want to pass on this knowledge and allow tea lovers to discover the joy of creating their very own tea.

Our workshops are held by the Literary Tea’s owner and tea-blender Rhiannon Henderson whose love of tea radiates from her very being. Her energy and passion makes our workshops an unforgettable experience. So here is a bit about our workshops.


What will I learn? 
You will learn everything you need to know about tea. From its history, tea grading, tisanes, teaism, healing properties, how to distinguish types of tea and more. You will then learn the art of tea blending and create your very own tea blend. Students will then get to taste their tea and have it packaged, sealed and put into a personalised tea tin to take home and enjoy.

There will be no Tea Blending Workshops for the remainder of 2017, stay tuned for 2018 dates!

Read about our workshop on Weekend Notes! 


We’d love to hold a tea blending workshop for your Hens, Birthdays, Corporate Events and more.
Special events are structured a bit differently and prices may vary as additions can be made such tea-infused cocktails. Please contact us for a quote for your event and all the exciting things we can offer you.

Email: [email protected]