If you’ve ever done one of our Tea Blending Workshops here at Literary Tea, you’ll know that tea is more than just a drink to us – it’s a sacred offering to your mind, body, and soul. 

More so than any other drink in history, tea has been linked to spirituality, ritual, ceremony and the journey into oneself. It’s not hard to see the power tea has, through the tea ceremonies practiced in Asia or even in the healing nature of having a cuppa with a friend in need. Tea has a way of going beneath the surface to heal, inspire and magnify. Which is also why it’s the perfect companion to reading. 

Creating a tea ritual is a delightful thing, because it is entirely yours, it doesn’t need to please anyone but yourself. Ritualising your tea, is a way of practising mindfulness and self-care at the same time. There are few things to keep in mind when creating your ritual…

Pick your time of day

The idea of a ritual is to anchor your day. A lot of people like to practice their rituals in the morning or evening, at the bookends of the day, but you create it in a space that works for you. Whenever you choose to do it, try to stick to it. A tea ritual is a positive habit-forming action, but for it to be an anchor, it needs to be at the same time of day – every day. 

It is sacred time

Respect your ritual time. It is non-negotiable. Life gets busy, things come up but commit to your ritual time. 

What to do

It doesn’t have to be elaborate (although it absolutely can be), you can make it simple, and often the simpler it is, the easier it is to stick to. Here is an example of a simple tea ritual:

  • Boil the water, either in a pot/briki on the stove or in a kettle.
  • While it is boiling, choose your cup and thank it for being the vessel for your ritual today. 
  • Scoop the loose leaf tea and place into the cup. 
  • If you still have time before the water boils, close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. Take in the sound of the water coming to boil.
  • As you pour the water over the tea, observe the movement of the leave, the colour saturating the water and the aroma rising through the steam. Be completely present with your tea, you are a part of its creation. 
  • Take your tea to a special space. A reading nook, comfy chair, outside in nature or anywhere that you can sit and be still.
  • Take the first sip and feel its warmth and energy fill your being. Being present. Notice sounds, sights and smells without judgement, without attachment. 
  • Thank the tea for being the elixir to start your day. 

Why have a tea ritual?

Having a tea ritual is a special way to connect with yourself, to check in and ground yourself. It allows you to anchor yourself in today, and not be stuck in yesterday or floating to tomorrow. Like any ritual, it can shift things… sometimes quite dramatically. After you’ve been practicing your ritual for a while, and making gratitude a part of your every day, the energy in your life will begin to change. The energy you invite will be positive and light, because you have been coming from a place of grace and gratitude.
By having a tea ritual, you have a place of peace that you can go to when the world gets a bit too chaotic. It is, and always will be, your sacred space. <3

We’d love to hear all about your tea rituals! And don’t forget to tag @literaryteaco in your ritual photos.