About Us

Being tea obsessed bookworms, we wanted to create a concept for our two passions. After a lot of research, wrong turns, right turns and a lot of tea tasting, Literary Tea Co. was born.

Based in one of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, working out of a spare bedroom, then a small studio, and now a little warehouse, we get to do what we love and create exciting, delicious tea blends based on writers we admire. Beautiful aromas fill the air and magical combinations tickle our tastebuds as we come up with each blend.

Everything we do is done with love and passion and all of that is passed on to every single customer.

Tea and book lovers know that they aren’t just ‘things to do’ but they are a way of life.

Tea is more than a drink, it’s magic in a cup. Books are the life-blood of every deep thinker. Together they can help you conquer the world… or at the very least have a blissful afternoon.

We’d love for our blends to join you from your flight through Neverland, to your adventures in Mr McGregor’s Garden.